Letter of Authorization

    Thank you for your order with Voicemail Office! Because you are moving a number to us, it is required that you complete the Letter of Authorization (LOA) below, which authorizes us to reach out to your current carrier to have your number moved to Voicemail Office.

    If you prefer you can download a PDF or Word version of this form, then complete and email back to us, along with a copy of a recent bill bearing your name and phone number. A copy was sent to your email if you prefer to at a later, or revisit this page at anytime.


    Let's get started...

    The undersigned hereby authorizes Voicemail Office to act on my behalf to Port (Transfer) the number(s) listed below.

    I hereby select Voicemail Office's designated Local Exchange Carrier to be my local exchange provider and to act as our Agent in dealings with our current local exchange telephone company.

    Voicemail Office may place orders for new services, changes to existing services, and request and receive the results of busy/traffic studies. This authorization covers the following locations and leads billing telephone numbers and shall remain in effect until further written notice is provided. I understand that I can have only one local service provider for any one telephone number.

    By signing below, I am authorizing Voicemail Office’s designated Local Exchange Carrier to become my new telephone service provider in place of for the provision of local telephone services. I authorize Voicemail Office to act as my agent to make this change happen and direct them to work with Voicemail Office to effect the change.

    I understand that if I wish to return to my current local telephone company, I may be required to pay a reconnection charge to that company. I also understand that my new local telephone company may have different rates and charges than my current telephone company, and that by signing below I indicate that I understand those differences (if any) and am willing to be billed accordingly.

    List of Telephone Number(s) that are to be transferred (only first field required):

    If more numbers are needing to be transferred to VMO, please download our PDF or Word version of this letter of agency here.

    I certify that I have read and understand this Letter of Agency. I further certify that I am at least eighteen years of age, and that I am authorized to change telephone companies for services on the telephone numbers listed above.

    I agree to pay Voicemail Office the Porting (Transfer) Fee as specified on the order application per telephone number transferred pursuant to this Transfer Request. I understand: (1) That my old phone company controls the length of time it will take to Port the number(s); (2) That it may take several weeks for the number(s) to be Ported and (3) The Porting Fee is Non Refundable if I cancel this order.

    Signature:(Use your mouse by left clicking while writing out your name, or on touchscreen enabled device use your finger to sign.)


    ***The following section should be completed with

    YOUR contact and billing information as it appears on your current provider's bill***

    Company Name: (Enter "none" if no company name.)
    Contact Name:
    Contact Phone:
    Contact Email:

    Billing Address:
    Billing City:

    Is your number being ported a virtual telephone number that does not have a physical service address?

    Is your number being ported a Virtual number, or is it a Landline or Mobile number?

    If transferring a mobile number, your account PIN will be required:

    Is your current service used for Business or Residential/Personal use?

    Do you want to receive faxes (FAX-to-EMAIL) on the number being ported?

    If you are porting some of the numbers from your current service provider, but not porting other active numbers with them, please indicate at least one of the active non-porting numbers here:

    Important Notice: After submitting, you will need to email us (sales at voicemailoffice.com) a copy of your most recent bill from your current provider in order to start the transfer, so that they will release it to Voicemail Office. Also, if for any reason this form does not submit properly, whereas you do not receive a confirmation message, you will need to complete our Word form by downloading here, and then send back along with a copy of your most recent bill to the aforementioned email address.


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