Plans & Pricing

Voicemail Office’s plans and pricing help subscribers streamline their personal and/or business calls at an affordable cost. Our full suite of telecommunication services offer many solutions for businesses and organizations, as well as for personal use.

We offer 4 primary services with different pricing plans and pricing packages. Subscribers to our voicemail, unified messaging and other related services receive the very best in service and support on state of the art technology that will surpass your expectations.

The following is a breakdown of our basic services that can be enhanced or customized to your specifications, and please visit the direct service page for the service you are interested in for an outline on how it works by clicking the Learn More button under the specific chart.

Local Voicemail Office (LVO)

local voicemail number

Overview of LVO:

• Only $9.95 per month!*
• Choose your number online!
• No per minute charges!
• Unlimited usage
• Access available 24/7
• One-time activation of $10
• No contracts, cancel at anytime
• Fast setup & activation
• Superior customer service attention
• Best price/value guaranteed!

Contact us if you do not see a feature

All Features Included:

• 3-minute outgoing greeting
• 3-minute incoming voicemail messages
• Multiple Extensions/1 Voice Mail box
• Receive unlimited faxes
• E-mail delivery of voicemail messages
• Fax to E-mail
• Receive simultaneous calls
• Caller identification**
• Full WebPanel access to all data**
• Text notification of new messages**
• Store up to 1,000 messages
• Retrieve messages by phone or online


Our flat rate Local Voicemail Office (LVO) number plan above is for playing outgoing greetings and taking messages, but if you would like live-call-transfer where calls are transferred to your landline or mobile phone, then our Virtual Voicemail Office (VVO) service below will meet your needs and comes in different forms depending on the number of live-call-transfer minutes and extensions needed.

Virtual Voicemail Office (VVO)

local or toll free number

† Bundled minute packages recommended:

Unlimited incoming minutes on local number

Bundled minute packages below are only for live
call transfer time and toll free numbers.

VVO STANDARD $9.95/mo.
.069 cents per minute

VVO 100 $14.99/mo. *
Virtual Voicemail Office w/100 minutes
Additional minutes .059

VVO 250 $19.99/mo. *
Virtual Voicemail Office w/250 minutes
Additional minutes .054

VVO 500 $29.99/mo.
Virtual Voicemail Office w/500 minutes
Additional minutes .049

VVO 1000 $44.99/mo.
Virtual Voicemail Office w/1000 minutes
Additional minutes .044

† Bundled packages with mailboxes/extensions:

VVO BUSINESS $24.99/mo. *
Virtual Voicemail Office w/100 minutes
Unlimited Extensions/Mailboxes
Additional minutes .059

VVO PRO $39.99/mo.
Virtual Voicemail Office w/500 minutes
Unlimited Extensions/Mailboxes
Additional minutes .054

VVO GOLD $74.99/mo.
Virtual Voicemail Office w/1000 minutes
Unlimited Extensions/Mailboxes
Additional minutes .049

VVO EXECUTIVE $129.99/mo.
Virtual Voicemail Office w/2500 minutes
Unlimited Extensions/Mailboxes
Additional minutes .044

* Most popular for new businesses

Billing & Service Information:

• One-time activation of $15
• No contracts, cancel at anytime
• No software or equipment needed
• No double-leg billing
• Bundled minute packages
• Fast setup & activation
• 4 applications to choose from
• Superior customer service attention

All bundled minute packages include
the following features:

• Access available 24/7
• Up to 60-minute outgoing record time
• Up to 5-minute incoming record time
• Receive 23 simultaneous calls
• 24-hour hotline
• Live-call-transfer
• Find-me Follow-me
• Music-on-hold
• Custom-on-hold greetings
• Caller identification (Caller ID)
• Call ID screening
• SMS text notification*
• Call queuing
• Call handling/blocking
• Call re-transfer
• Reverse call back
• Secret VIP code
• Voice jot/dictation
• Virtual calling card
• Transparent fax detection
• Send/receive faxes on same number
• E-mail delivery of voicemail messages
• E-mail delivery of fax messages
• WebPanel access
• Online call reports
• Upload MP3/WAV greetings
• Store up to 999 messages
• Wake-up calls
• Easily pick up messages by phone
Contact us if you do not see a feature


Live Answering Service

Answering Services provided by our sister company Live Answering Network


Voicemail Office is one of America's premier providers of voicemail and unified messaging services, offering local voicemail, 1-800 numbers, online fax numbers, Virtual PBX and other virtual voicemail services to businesses and organizations nationwide and abroad. Our services are virtually-hosted and require no equipment or software. Setup is fast & easy and voicemail numbers are activated immediately. Voicemail Office also offers custom voice mail solutions and provides voicemail to email and fax to email on all voice messaging systems.

Whether you are looking for a standalone local voicemail number, 1-800 number or fax number, you can order online and have your line ringing in minutes! If you still have questions, contact one of our friendly sales associates at 1-888-VOICEMAIL (864-2362).