Skype Voicemail

Skype Voicemail

Voicemail Solution for Skype Users

In October of 2016, Microsoft announced that it would no longer offer free voicemail service with a custom greeting on its Skype platform. Since this announcement, the company has been removing the feature from existing user accounts with its impact affecting many users into 2019. With this unexpected decision, many Skype voicemail users have been left without a method of taking voicemail messages while continuing to use Skype for their business and personal needs.

Voicemail Office Offers Skype Voicemail Solution

As a result, Voicemail Office has announced that its voicemail system can be integrated as a replacement for the former Skype voicemail service. This unique system has more robust features than the original Skype voicemail platform and can be implemented and ready to take calls within minutes.

Voicemail Office’s Skype voicemail integration service is for all Skype users, whether for business or personal use, which will return the function of a custom voicemail greeting, and can be quickly and easily connected with Skype for a low monthly fee of $9.95/mo. flat rate. Pricing includes receiving unlimited voicemails to email, as well as faxes, and much more!

Integration is fast and easy! Once you sign up for our Skype-compatible Local Voicemail Office (LVO) service, you can immediately forward all Skype calls, when there is no answer, to your new LVO back-door number where messages can be left and delivered via text and/or email. There is no limit on voicemails received and your new account with VMO will also send faxes to your email for free!

Skype users can learn more about the low cost monthly Skype-friendly service here, or by completing our easy sign up form by clicking here. Users will not need to change their phone number or purchase any equipment, but simply forward Skype calls to the selected voicemail number, which can also be used as a separate fax line.

Special Offer: For a limited time, use Customer Code “SKYVMO” on your application and have your line activated for free! Expires 06/01/20.

If you need further assistance, or have any questions, please call 888-VOICEMAIL to get connected!

Voicemail Office is one of America's premier providers of voicemail and unified messaging services, offering local voicemail, 1-800 numbers, online fax numbers, Virtual PBX and other virtual voicemail services to businesses and organizations nationwide and abroad. Our services are virtually-hosted and require no equipment or software. Setup is fast & easy and voicemail numbers are activated immediately. Voicemail Office also offers custom voice mail solutions and provides voicemail to email and fax to email on all voice messaging systems.

Whether you are looking for a standalone local voicemail number, 1-800 number or fax number, you can order online and have your line ringing in minutes! If you still have questions, contact one of our friendly sales associates at 1-888-VOICEMAIL (864-2362).