SMS & MMS for Business Toll Free and Landline Phones

Historically, landline and toll free numbers have not been able to accept text messages, but now they can! With Voicemail Office’s SMS/MMS service, you now can send and receive text messages on any existing landline or toll free number! You are not even required to move your existing number(s) to us; we can simply enable the feature on our end. Or, you can add to any of our toll free or local voicemail numbers! Please contact us for pricing.

Customers often think they can text any number, but unfortunately when texting landlines and toll free numbers those texts go nowhere — until now! Now, you no longer have to give out your personal cell phone number for customers to text you about business related matters.

In this day and age where virtually everyone has their own mobile phone and with over 6 billion SMS messages sent per day in the U.S. alone, texting is such an easy and essential way that customers can reach and communicate with your business about your products and services. Your customers have can now have your business as their fingertips!

Set Up Toll Free & Landline Numbers to Receive Text Messages in Minutes

Toll free and landline SMS/MMS numbers from Voicemail Office makes it easy to integrate voice and text messaging features into one platform. The platform easily works over the top of your existing phone system, or as a stand-alone solution.

SMS for Toll Free and Landlines

Click play here to see how this service can be utilized for your business:

This is an extremely convenient way for customers to communicate and receive answers from you and your business!

Whether a customer is attempting to send your company a picture taken on their mobile phone of a job they need done, or are requesting help in trying to identify an item, or are corresponding with you about last minute changes about an order, having the ability to receive texts on your business phone lines can really help with the ease of doing business all while maintaining your personal mobile phone’s privacy.

If you are texted as a result of your business landline or toll free number being posted somewhere, you will totally miss out on these valuable business opportunities.

Make All Your Phone Numbers “Text Friendly”

  • Replies show your landline or toll free number
  • Stop giving out your personal cell number
  • Reply like any other text
  • Receive and send SMS and MMS messages
  • Save time by texting instead of long voice calls
  • Now, your staff can text to each other’s direct office numbers
  • Works on business, residence and toll free numbers

Place “Call or Text” next to your business number and stop losing business and wasting time on voice calls. Stay ahead of your competition by adding texting to your landlines and toll free numbers today!

This service starts at only $24.99/mo. for up to 500 texts. There is no activation charge for this service if you have an existing number with us. Quantity discounts are also available. Additional texts are only .049 cents each. You are not required to have your numbers with us to utilize this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to buy any equipment or hardware? No.
  2. Do I have to download any software or apps to make this work? No.
  3. Do my customers have to do anything different to text to my landlines or toll free numbers? No.
  4. I don’t want to change my phone service or carrier. We don’t touch your phone service or carrier. In fact, they won’t even know about it.
  5. I don’t have to buy any equipment or download any software or apps and you’re not touching my phone service. So, how does it work? When someone sends a text to you, we grab the text before it dies as undeliverable and convert it to an email and email it to one or more email addresses. You reply like any other email. We take your reply, convert it back to a text and deliver it back to the sender. Your reply shows it came from your landline or toll free number. This all happens in milliseconds and just as fast as normal texting.
  6. Do I have to sign a long term contract? No. We offer our services month to month, with only a two month minimum and you can cancel within the first 30 days for a full refund.
  7. Once I signup, how long will it take to start working? Typically, just a couple of hours. It has to propagate through the many texting networks.
  8. Can you text enable numbers outside the US and Canada? Yes. We sell numbers in 74 countries. Currently, we can text enable numbers in 19 counties and we’re adding more as fast as we can.
  9. How come I haven’t heard about this before? It’s new. We spent a lot of time and money developing it.

If you would like to get started, click here to contact us to discuss your options with a sales representative.

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