Consolidating Multiple Voicemail Options

Most people who have office jobs have three different places where they receive voicemail: the office phone, their cell phone and their home phone. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with it all considering the need to check multiple locations for messages. Thankfully, the latest innovations in voicemail service help to solve all of that.

Voicemail messages do not have to arrive at a device anymore in order to be retrieved. Nowadays, voicemail services provide voicemail to email capability so that all incoming messages to one or more voicemail numbers can be retrieved at an individual’s email inbox.

There are a few different ways that consolidation of voicemail options can be accomplished. Calls that come to the three aforementioned locations can be broken into two categories: business calls or personal calls. Therefore, one, a person can purchase two voicemail numbers, but set up each number to direct incoming messages to the same email account; or, two, purchase one voicemail number and give callers two separate extensions to select from, which can also be programmed simply to send messages to a single email inbox.

For instance, a voicemail greeting could sound something like this: “You have reached the voicemail of David Jones, sales manager for XYZ Company. For sales calls, please press one. For all other calls, please press two.” Then, once the extension has been selected, the call can ring into the individual, and when received, it will be announced using whatever words the user has named the extension, such as “You have a call for XYZ Company,” or “You have a call for David.” In this manner, calls can be differentiated at the onset between business and personal calls. If the person is not available, the call will go to voicemail, which will then be forwarded as an mp3 file to the individual’s designated email inbox. Again, all messages can go to one place if desired to keep everything streamlined and simple.

Business professionals and active families that need to cut the “clutter” in their life may wish to explore this option to make their voicemail retrieval much more simple and organized.

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