Professional Voiceover Greetings

Make a great first impression! Get a first class custom voiceover message for voice mail, on-hold announcements, after-hours greetings and more—utilizing professional voiceover talent with years of commercial broadcast and telephone recording experience.

Voicemail Office provides affordable voiceover talent for your voicemail greetings and on-hold announcements. Our professional voiceover artists have years of broadcast and telephone recording experience and their recordings will make an impact on your callers and help in building business trust. The best part is that our low rates make it possible for your company to sound just like any big corporation.

The pricing per voiceover is only a one-time flat $49 for up to a 100-word recording, which includes script support, uploading of your voiceover to your system and an .mp3 copy of your professionally recorded file. You can also obtain a premium male voiceover for only $29, or a female or male automated voiceover using the latest in AI technology, starting at only $19, for up to 50 words. See full pricing info below. Our pricing for custom on-hold announcements starts at $99. All taxes and fees included.

Please take a moment now to listen to the sample voices available to record your greetings below. It is important that you listen to each of the clips in full to hear the voiceover talent’s voice range and to get an idea of what sound you would like for your business voicemail greetings or on-hold announcements.

+ $49 for up to a 100-word voiceover recording / $40 for every 50 words thereafter
(Contact us for custom quotes for on-hold announcements.)

1. Karen VO001
Karen is our most requested female voiceover artist and has a range of voice abilities.

2. Charles VO002
Charles’ deep voice and clear presentation will give your callers a trusted first impression.

SPECIALS: Our voiceover talent can record your greeting up to 50 words in length for only $29 (male voice only), or have your script recorded with our male/female AI voices below.

3. Michael / Premium Voiceover VO003  $29 / up to 50 words
Let Michael record your voiceover greeting in a clear dominant voice.

4. Ally / AI Voiceover VO004  $22 / up to 50 words
Let us have your script recorded in a female voice, using the latest in AI technology.

5. Joan / AI Voiceover VO005  $19 / up to 50 words
Let us have your script recorded in a female voice, using the latest in AI technology.

6. Matt / AI Voiceover VO006  $22 / up to 50 words
Let us have your script recorded in a male voice, using the latest in AI technology.

7. Paz / AI Voiceover in Spanish VO007  $29 / up to 50 words
Let us have your script recorded in a female Spanish voice, using the latest in AI technology.

Note: Pricing applies to standard greetings only. Menu trees and name directory pricing varies.

If you need a longer script, or recording in a different language other than Spanish, please submit your script below as written for a custom quote, or if you are having a Q & A Voicemail script recorded, please refer to the pricing chart at the bottom of this page.


If you have an existing account with Voicemail Office, you may respond to any email received from us with your script details or utilize the form below. You will be then contacted by our office.


If you do not have an existing account with Voicemail Office and already have an internal voicemail or other type of system with another provider and just need a voiceover, we can also do any custom, professional recordings for you!

In order to proceed, simply complete our the form below with your script and a billing link will be sent to you for payment. If you are over the script allotment as described above, we will email you a custom quote. Once the script has been recorded, the voiceover file(s) will be sent by email to you.

    Karen VO001Charles VO002Michael VO003Ally VO004Joan VO005Matt VO006Paz VO007

    After submitting your script, we will send you a billing link to make payment.
    That's all folks!

    If you need assistance with your script, please inquire about our voiceover script writing service by utilizing our contact form. We also have the ability to add any royalty-free background music to any voiceover order for only $5. You can indicate the type of music when ordering.

    Help your business stand-out and make an impact by ordering a voiceover from Voicemail Office today!

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