Emotive Alert: Possible New Wave in Voicemail?

Just when you think things have hit their peak in communications, something new and interesting emerges. Enter emotive alert, one of the latest inventions created to assist with the screening of voicemail messages.

Emotive alert is the innovation of Zynep Inanoglu and Ron Caneel of the Massachussetts Insititute of Technology. The two invented a software program that pre-screens incoming voicemail messages and then sends a text message to the recipient to notify them of the tone of the call, whether the person was happy, sad or formal, or if the call seemed so emotional that it could be labeled as urgent. The software listens to the first few seconds of the recording and analyzes the sound of the message to comprehend the pitch and other aspects of the human voice.

The purpose of the software is to help individuals sort through their voicemail messages and discern whether a call needs to be tended to right away, or whether it can wait until later. For business professionals who often receive multiple voicemail messages within a day and regularly struggle with balancing their priorities in knowing what calls need to come first, such a feature may be helpful…especially if that call is from an angry boss who is wondering where a report is that was due two days ago!

As for now, emotive alert has not become a regular part of voicemail usage, but time will tell whether the invention will sink or swim. Until then, there remains numerous other valuable features available to modern voicemail users, such as voicemail to email, fax to email, and find me follow me, which no office can live without.

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