Executives Miss Calls the Majority of the Time: Voicemail a Necessity

A report from AT&T states that 70% of a business executive’s time is spent either in meetings or out of the office, and when they are at their desk, they often miss calls due to being on the phone with another client or business partner. Therefore, having voicemail is an absolute necessity for any business professional.

Large and small businesses alike use voicemail for a number of reasons. Salesmen say that they use voicemail quite regularly to leave sales messages for company executives, and the website Mr. Cold Call reports that 46% of respondents stated that they leave between one to ten voicemail messages every day.

One of the reasons voicemail is left so often, as stated above, is that business professionals are frequently tending to other matters. There is a lot on an executive’s plate, and they normally aren’t sitting around waiting for the office phone to ring. Therefore, they need some sort of mechanism to allow messages to be received in their absence. While many executives and small business owners have an assistant to screen calls, not everyone has that kind of luxury. Furthermore, many people have said that they would rather leave a voicemail for a business professional than having the receptionist or assistant take a message themselves.

Thankfully, the latest innovations in voicemail make leaving and receiving messages quite simple. Unified messaging allows businesses to receive their incoming voicemail and faxes right in their email inbox, creating one single place to check for messages instead of three. Virtual PBX also is helpful for business professionals who are on the go as it allows calls to be transferred to their cell phone or other phone of choice if they are away from their desk. Calls can also be directed to another office member to pick up if the executive is not able to. It’s all programmable to the company’s liking.

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