How Medical Offices Can Use Unified Messaging to their Advantage

Doctors have important business to do; thus, the need for smooth communication is vital. According to an article on about telephony systems at hospitals, medical facilites can operate more efficiently with the help of unified communications and unified messaging features.

However, since there are literally dozens of employees within a medium-sized medical facility, phone and fax systems can get expensive if the office installs multiple phone lines for the various departments. Even with a PBX system, wiring costs can be quite pricey, along with labor fees for upkeep by an IT tech. Using a PBX service may be of help to lessen the need for installation of these items. Using PBX service as compared to a system simply entails buying service from a host, rather than installing the equipment on site.

The service still allows the medical facility to take advantage of unifed messaging features, which include voicemail to email and fax to email. In this manner, doctor’s offices can stay much more organized with their inter-office and outside communication. Instead of having to use an answering machine to receive messages, voicemail can come right to the office email inbox. Fax machines are also unnecessary as well, as faxes can also be received via email. Therefore, communication is consolidated into one single location, and there is less paperwork to try to sort through, which can often get misplaced or lost in busy offices.

If the doctor needs important patient records from another office, the receptionist can simply print out the fax when it is received in the designated email inbox and deliver it promptly to the doctor, or she can forward it to him via email. If the doctor needs to send a fax, his secretary can simply upload the file that needs to be sent via the facility’s online control board. Voicemail messages can also be forwarded via email if necessary, along with a note.

All of these features would be impossible with regular office equipment. Unified messaging makes everything much more organized, so that the office can function more smoothly, which helps doctors, nurses, and receptionists do their job with excellence.

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