Organize Office Communication with Unified Messaging

Let’s face it. Clutter creates confusion. Especially when it comes to the office, mountains of paperwork can create utter chaos. Thankfully, one of the latest innovations in the world of telephony, unified messaging, helps to keep offices organized in their phone and fax communication.

Every morning, when you arrive at the office, you likely have a routine of checking several places for incoming messages: the office phone, the fax machine, your email and your postal mail. However, with unified messaging, checking messages is simplified greatly as voicemail, faxes and email can be received all in one place. Simply login to to your email account and see what messages await you.

How does it work? Voicemail is received as an mp3 attachment, and when clicked upon, it is played back in Windows Media Player or Real Player. Faxes are received as pdf files, which can be viewed just like any other office document. The messages can then be saved to your desktop or other designated folder, and/or can be forwarded to others in the office for review.

Messages, however, don’t need to wait until one returns to the office. You can check your voicemail and faxes from anywhere anytime you would like to simply by logging in to your email. Those that have internet connections on their mobile phones can even check all their messages right from their phone.

With everything being in its place, the office can operate much more smoothly and efficiently — and less cluttered — since you don’t have to worry about sorting through mounds of faxes scattered here and there.

Thankfully, unified messaging is extremely affordable. Providers such as Voicemail Office offer this service starting at just $9.95 a month. Plus, there are no contracts and no per-minute fees!

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