Sales and Marketing Experts State B2B Projects That Take Advantage of Voicemail Succeed More

A number of sales and marketing experts are stating that those who take advantage of the use of voicemail while making business to business (B2B) calls succeed more in their profession.

It is estimated that over 80% of business calls are picked up by voicemail, and so the majority of the time, the salesperson is required to leave a message anyway. Therefore, with this in mind, sales and marketing departments can use voicemail to their advantage. The organization Virtual Causeway reports that “voicemail is booming in B2B.”

One of the reasons Virtual Causeway gives for their statement is that with voicemail businesses can make a large number of calls in a short amount of time. If a company has a significantly lengthy list of sales prospects to market to, staff members can simply pick up the phone and leave short 30-60 second messages that grasp the attention of the recipient, and then move on the next call. Anywhere from 50 to 100 calls can be made in one hour, making work very efficient and cost effective. The call can even be a simple alert that notifies the recipient that an email or letter providing further detail is forthcoming, which will increase the chances of the individual reading the message.

In fact, the company BoxPilot reports that while most direct mail pieces just get thrown in the trash, those that are followed up by voicemail messages are more personable, and stand a greater likelihood to be opened, thus increasing sales. Another organization cites that 10% of sales contracts earned by succcessful business come from voicemail contact. Therefore, if a business makes $50,000 in a year, $5,000 of that can come simply by leaving short messages every day.

It also helps if the business that is leaving the message has virtual PBX service, which enables employees to take callbacks from their prospects even when they’re out of the office. Virtual PBX, also known as hosted PBX provides find-me/follow-me service that can be programmed very simply using an online dashboard.

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