Summer Heats Up Real Estate Business: More Reason for Agents to Use PBX

Trends and traditions are showing that most families that sell their home first put it up for sale in the summer. Therefore, right now, in the peak of summer, most real estate agents are out in the field for much of the day showing homes to prospects. While this sounds good from a sales perspective, it can be an isssue considering that the agent is also losing a number of calls from other interested buyers back at the office due to a lack of PBX service.

However, more and more agents are catching on to the use of PBX. While some purchase their own equipment and set up a system to run the office, others are choosing to go the more economical route with using virtual PBX, meaning that another company hosts the equipment and the account is controlled by an online dashboard.

Both in-house and virtual PBX services allow for professionals that are often out of the office to recieve calls on the road without having to give out their personal cell phone number. When callers dial the real estate firm and the appropriate agent is not at their desk, the call will then ring into the agent’s cell phone to “find” them wherever they might be at the time. This can often help the agent work more efficiently, since if someone requests a tour of a certain property, the agent can simply make arrangements to immediately drive over to the location without driving back to the office, receiving the message and then driving out to the property, which wastes time and money.  Agents can even receive calls in the evening — whatever hours that they choose — as PBX systems are completely programmable to a company’s liking.

Even if the real estate firm is small, the use of PBX can give it a corporate image as all calls are routed by an automated attendant. And, there are never any buy signals, so callers are less likely to be detoured or discouraged.

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