Using Voicemail as a Sales Tool

Many businesses may be losing much income because they fail to use their voicemail as a sales tool. Modern voicemail innovations allow for businesses both large and small to take full advantage of marketing and sales opportunities in ways that answering machines and conventional voicemail could never do.

With current voicemail technology, businesses can create menu-driven audio brochures, which provide callers with information about the company’s services. Through taking advantage of available extensions, business professionals can create a number of pre-recorded messages to help sell their product.  For example:

“Thank you for calling Delectable Desserts. For information about our gourmet desserts, press one. To speak to a representative, please hold the line.”

After pressing one: “For information about our bon bons, press one. For information about our pies or cakes, press two. For information about our variety of cookies, press three.”

Then, after the person chooses the appropriate extension, they can hear information about the product and be given an option to place an order by pressing a certain key. Modern voicemail allows businesses to use their voicemail as an automated ordering system. This can also enable a business to take orders even after hours, thus virtually turning the company into a 24-hour operation.

Businesses that simply use a plain greeting that says, “We are not unable to take your call at this time. Please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible,” are missing many opportunities to take their sales department to a whole new level.

Therefore, executives can improve their quarterly sales figures simply by optimizing the company’s use of voicemail. Voicemail service providers such as Voicemail Office also offer unified messaging capabilities, which comes standard with each plan. Unified messaging allows sales representatives to receive email and fax orders right in their email inbox, so that everything is in one organized and convenient location.

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