Wiconsin Congressional Candidate Caught on Voicemail

A Wisconsin congressional candidate has learned the hard way that it is important to be careful what you say even when the other person hangs up the phone — You may be captured on voicemail unaware.

Fred Clark, a candidate running for United States Senate, was recently making phone calls to residents in his district to drum up support for his candidacy. When he reached the Stapleman household, he received voicemail. However, seconds later, Mrs. Stapleman picked up the phone. Clark then proceeded to tell Stapleman that he was running for election. Mrs. Stapleman replied, “Yeah, and isn’t that a crime,” and hung up the phone.

However, the Stapleman’s voicemail continued to run as Clark had not yet hung up on his end. Therefore, Clark could still be heard talking seconds later as he turned to one of his staff and remarked, “I feel like calling her back and smacking her around.” The story then later leaked out into the media, causing Clark to make a public apology to the Stapleman family.

Before one starts to think that this is an isolated blooper, take heed lest ye fall. It is very important for each phone user to be careful with what one says on the phone, even after the other person has disconnected. You never know when you might unknowingly be captured on voicemail. Additionally, when angry or upset about a situation, give yourself time to cool down before calling someone to leave a voicemail. There’s no taking it back after you’ve hung up the phone.

With modern voicemail technology, such as service offered by telephony companies like Voicemail Office, voicemail can even be saved indefinitely and easily shared with the click of a button, now that voicemail messages can be received not only via the phone, but also email. Therefore, because of  the possible permanency of  one’s words, it is important to think twice before you speak.

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