Wisconsin’s ‘No Call List’ Toll Free Number and Website Reach Record

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection established a toll-free number and website years ago to help protect citizens from unwanted calls from telemarketers. While thousands of residents have signed up for the No Call List over the years, the department reports that the list recently jumped 4 percent, reaching a record of 2.3 million registered numbers.

While registering a landline and/or cell phone number on the list will not completely eliminate sales calls, it still will reduce them drastically. Under state law, non-profit organizations, survey campaigns and political offices may still call residents and make appeals. However, the fact that 52% of the list is comprised of cell phone numbers shows that many Wisconsin citizens would rather not be troubled with calls that they consider to be an annoyance.

To be included on the No Call List, citizens must register every two years by dialing the toll free number 1-866-9NO CALL or by visiting nocall.wisconsin.gov. Since the updated No Call List is provided to registered telemarketers each quarter, those that wish to be removed in time for the next list distribution should ensure that they sign up via the toll free number or website at least a month before the end of the preceding quarter.

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