Can Voicemail Boost Business in a Struggling Economy?

Aug 31, 2011

It may seem like an oddity to say that voicemail can be used to help businesses during a struggling economy, but in many ways it certainly can. During hard times, businesses…

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What is Enhanced Voicemail?

Aug 26, 2011

A number of phone service providers are talking about enhanced voicemail; but, what is it? What does it offer the everyday user that sets it apart from the traditional voicemail…

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Telephony Article Weighs Costs of Upgrading Business Voicemail Systems

Aug 25, 2011

A recent article entitled “Wow! VoIP Costs THAT Much?” by William Flanagan outlined the pros and cons of upgrading a company’s traditional voicemail system to a new VOIP PBX system. Flanagan concluded that…

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Simplifying Business Cards with Modern Voicemail

Aug 24, 2011

Every executive knows that it is important to have business cards to give out to potential clients. However, many business cards can often get cluttered with a plethora of contact…

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What is the Cloud, and What Does it Mean for Voicemail?

Aug 23, 2011

Many people today are talking about being in the “cloud.” If you’re not familiar with the world of computing, you may think one is referring to matters of aerospace. However, cloud computing, especially…

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Unified Messaging Industry Expected to Climb

Aug 22, 2011

Online sources state that the unified messaging industry is expected to continue to climb, with revenues anticipated at reaching 2.3 billion by the year 2016. Interestingly, many businesses have yet…

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Telephony Expert States PBX is Best for Small Businesses

Aug 21, 2011

BCS, “The Chartered Institute for IT,” reports that David Cargil, council member for the Internet Telephone Service Providers Association, states that PBX is “probably the most simple, flexible model” of…

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Report Shows PBX Sales Up From Last Year

Aug 20, 2011

Infonetics is reporting that PBX sales are up 3.9% from where they stood a year ago, indicating a steady growth in the business use of the telephony innovation. The report…

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Saving Special Voicemail Messages: The Benefits of Voicemail to Email Service

Aug 19, 2011

Reports in the news are featuring the lamentations of individuals whose phone carrier deleted a special voicemail message after it had been left dormant for a number of days, or who accidentally…

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Professional Voiceovers Good Idea for Business Voicemail

Aug 18, 2011

Voicemail is often the first impression that one receives of a company. If the greeting is uninteresting or sounds less than top notch, it may deter business. To avoid coming across…

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