Despite New Communication Methods, Voicemail Still Prominent

Jul 28, 2011

While a number of new communication methods have risen to popularity in recent years, such as text messaging, the fact remains that voicemail is still prominent, especially when it comes to business…

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How Home Businesses Can Benefit from Modern Voicemail

Jul 27, 2011

If you own a home business, most likely you don’t want to give out your home phone number or personal cell phone number in your marketing practices. Most entrepreneurs usually purchase…

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Insurance Agents Among Top Voicemail Users

Jul 26, 2011

Google the words “insurance agents voicemail” and you will find a number of articles that provide tips for insurance agents seeking to generate business from their leads. Insurance agents depend…

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Voicemail Helps Rescue Group Save Lives of Abandoned Puppies

Jul 25, 2011

An anonymous voicemail that was left for a pet rescue mission in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, recently helped to save the lives of nine abandoned puppies. The story shows once again the importance of…

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Shrinking Telephony Systems Cause Business Growth

Jul 24, 2011

The trend of technology is to make things smaller. Remember the early days of cordless phones and how huge they were, compared to the tiny size of cell phones today,…

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Voicemail Association Illustrates Early Uses of Voicemail

Jul 23, 2011

The Voicemail Association has posted a few examples of the early uses of voicemail on its website. Looking at these vintage examples shows just how well businesses decades ago got…

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GE Claims to Have Saved $1100 Per Employee with Voicemail

Jul 22, 2011

The well-known corporation General Electric (GE) claims to have saved approximately $1,100 per employee simply by implementing a voicemail system. GE was one of the first to use voicemail when the…

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Sales Consultants State: ‘You Must Leave Voicemail the Right Way!’

Jul 21, 2011

Sales consultants on YouTube are all saying the same thing about voicemail: “You must leave voicemail and you must leave it the right way!” These consultants state that while some…

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Summer Heats Up Real Estate Business: More Reason for Agents to Use PBX

Jul 20, 2011

Trends and traditions are showing that most families that sell their home first put it up for sale in the summer. Therefore, right now, in the peak of summer, most real estate…

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Sales and Marketing Experts State B2B Projects That Take Advantage of Voicemail Succeed More

Jul 19, 2011

A number of sales and marketing experts are stating that those who take advantage of the use of voicemail while making business to business (B2B) calls succeed more in their profession….

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