Internet Control Panels Make Programming Voicemail Easier

Aug 4, 2011

Some businesses are still using the old-fashioned method of capturing telephone messages. These same businesses, however, are likely lacking all of the advantages that accompany modern voicemail: unified messaging, follow me…

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Colleges Upgrade Voicemail Systems

Aug 3, 2011

Many colleges utilize voicemail systems to help them organize their telephone and fax communications. A number of these colleges have been upgrading their voicemail systems in recent years, which had…

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Violin Thief Confesses on Voicemail

Aug 2, 2011

A Canadian couple recently returned from vacation and checked their voicemail only to find a message that they’ll never forget: a man apologizing for stealing nine violins from their home while they were away. According to news…

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Faxing No Longer Requires a Fax Machine Thanks to Fax to Email Services

Aug 1, 2011

Many business managers both large and small may not be aware that sending and receiving a fax no longer requires the use of a fax machine. Thanks to fax to…

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Business Professionals Check Email Before Voicemail; Why Not Both at Once?

Jul 31, 2011

A recent poll found that 75% of business professionals check their email first thing in the morning, followed by their voicemail. Apparently many businesses are unaware that they can check…

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What is an Automated Attendant?

Jul 30, 2011

Businesses that wish to save money on staffing or who are short on help may wish to consider utilizing a business phone system with an automated attendant. It is one of…

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Study: 94% of Voicemail Users Prefer to Receive Voicemail Via Email or Text

Jul 29, 2011

The speech recognition company Yap conducted a study on the preferences of voicemail users and, among other findings, discovered that the overwhelming majority of users preferred to receive their voicemail messages…

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Despite New Communication Methods, Voicemail Still Prominent

Jul 28, 2011

While a number of new communication methods have risen to popularity in recent years, such as text messaging, the fact remains that voicemail is still prominent, especially when it comes to business…

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How Home Businesses Can Benefit from Modern Voicemail

Jul 27, 2011

If you own a home business, most likely you don’t want to give out your home phone number or personal cell phone number in your marketing practices. Most entrepreneurs usually purchase…

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Insurance Agents Among Top Voicemail Users

Jul 26, 2011

Google the words “insurance agents voicemail” and you will find a number of articles that provide tips for insurance agents seeking to generate business from their leads. Insurance agents depend…

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